About Me

Hi everyone, I am Natella Libin - an illustrator, designer, and creator of most of the goods you can find on this website. I make watercolor illustrated designs that you can enjoy in a form of framed or unframed art prints, bookmarks, and originals.
I also make bookmarks and prints from illustrations made by other watercolor artists, like Nataliia Volobueva from Ukraine. 
I am very passionate about art and creating beautiful items that can be used in different areas of our daily life. By offering you my artworks and products, I share all the love and care that I put in them. 
I draw my inspiration from simple things that surround us in daily life - be it a beautiful flower on your balcony or your favorite lipstick.I make all of the products all by myself from scratch - from pencil sketch on a piece of paper, to scanning and editing on the computer, to printing and packaging finished products!
Moreover, I like to be very transparent and believe that sharing is caring. Because of that, I always try to keep you updated with any news, share my art and making process, and more of my life as an illustrator and crafter on my Instagram. I have attached a QR code that you can easily scan with your camera, to follow me on instagram! No unnecessary links and searching for me in the app. 
I really hope you enjoy my products and artworks, and wish you a wonderful day!