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Custom Love Map

Custom Love Map

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Personalized Heart Map - a perfect gift for an anniversary or other holiday for your significant other, or a long distance relationship gift! It’s done on a 100% cotton premium quality watercolor paper, with artist grade watercolors and ink.


Size of unframed illustration - 9x12 inches.
Size of a framed piece - 12x16 inches. (matted)
(1) A heart map may be of two heart halves - each of them is a city/neighborhood where each of you are from, connected with a dotted heart.

(2) A heart map also may be a single heart of a world map (pictured), or a country map, connecting two countries/cities as location points, to show your love across the nation or even continents.

All the details will be discussed in the email once the order is through. I will then send you 1-2 drafts and 1 painting in process to make sure you like how it’s turning out. But do not hesitate to ask any questions before you place your order! I’ll answer ASAP.


PROCESSING TIME IS 1-2 WEEKS. Quicker processing time can be discussed - email me at

Once the design is done, delivered in 1-3 business days.

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